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What a wonderful article! “Social Value in Coliving: How Can Coliving Providers Embed Social, Economic and Environmental Impact into Their Business Models?”, written by Matthew Lesniak, Penny Clark, and Naima von Ritter Figueres, all 3 co-founders of Conscious Coliving (and published by the Center of Conscious Design), it gives an overview of the market situation (with some impressive sector growth figures…!) and brings forth many of the potential positive aspects of #coliving from an individual, society, economic and environmental point of view and warns about practices and focal points to keep in check to reach this truly inspiring goals. Here is just a tease…:

What’s more, is that the average occupancy rate of coliving spaces is above 87% (and some even having steady occupancy rates of over 97%) and conversions from traditional residential into coliving can lead to above-market net operating income (NOI) yields leading to NOI percentage increases of up to 12%.


Coliving’s emphasis on facilitating a sense of community creates an extension of the traditional responsibilities of building operators. In coliving spaces, operators are not only creating physical infrastructures for living, they must also create physical and social frameworks in which relationships can flourish.

Check it out here.

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