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It started with one question: what if your home was more than just a place to live? And the answer is: coliving. 🏘

Why Coliving? Because it is the perfect balance of private space and shared common areas with a full range of services and extraordinary events: restaurants, urban garden, sauna, you name it! Carefully crafted studios apartments in buildings designed to help you turn neighbors into friends. 😊

After a year of research, we have developed a model that fits all the needs of tenants, the high-standards of what coliving should offer and the requirements of all other parties from the cities and the real estate and construction side. We are ready to launch.

🙌 Together with our partners we are mapping the best possible plots in town. Want to join our journey? Reach out, let’s connect: we are eager to team up with expert construction and real estate companies. This is a unique opportunity to work with a team that has found the formula to improve the returns on current tenant-rental models, solves the burning problems of loneliness in the big cities and single people only able to afford sub-par rental properties. Follow us or, even better: join us!

Welcome to ROND House!